You may have guessed by our company logo, but giraffes are an animal that is close to our hearts. Giraffes see things from a different level and spend most of their lives standing up. This is our exact approach to your tax situation. We look at your situation from a different level and we stand up for you before the IRS.
Unfortunately, these majestic creatures have experienced almost a 30% drop in population over the last three decades taking their species from Least Concerned to Vulnerable.

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable future for giraffes. In fact, they are the only organization in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa. Currently, GCF works on, manages and supports giraffe conservation programmes and initiatives that concern all four species of giraffe in 18 African countries.


Here's How You Can Get Involved


  • Saving giraffe is not a cheap mission and every contribution helps. Donations can be made once-off, or as a recurring donation through their website.



  • Show your support by purchasing a symbolic giraffe adoption. Follow their tower of giraffe in Namibia online in their adoption portal where they share updates and photos of giraffe adoptees. Our owner is currently sponsoring two giraffes!
    Adopt a giraffe today.


Shop for Giraffe

  • Check out their online shop and purchase some official GCF merchandise to show off your support for GCF. They offer a wide range of clothing and an exciting new range of GCF drinkware.
  • Select GCF as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile and feel good while you shop. AmazonSmile will automatically donate 0.5% of every Amazon purchase to GCF on your behalf at no extra cost to you!

Fundraise for GCF

  • Set up a Facebook fundraiser or Instagram fundraiser for GCF for your next birthday or just because you care. Ask your friends to chip in and stick their necks out for giraffe with us!
  • Host an in-person fundraising event, a dinner or an information session in your local community.
  • Businesses and private entrepreneurs can commit a portion of each sale to help save giraffe and proudly display this on their websites.

Help us spread the word that giraffe are in trouble

  • Follow GCF on social media and become an active follower: comment and share their posts to let the world know that giraffe need our help now! It does not cost you anything, but goes a long way in helping raise awareness for the plight of giraffe.
  • Host a giraffe themed event or party. Invite your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues, and make it a fun-filled day or night out of giraffe inspired activities. Saving giraffe does not have to be serious business!

Leave a lasting legacy for giraffe conservation

  • You can help build the long-term financial sustainability of GCF even if you feel that you cannot make a significant gift today. Have you considered making a charitable bequest? A bequest as part of your will or revocable trust can complement your lifestyle and commitments today while supporting GCF tomorrow.

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